About Tri State Durga Puja

Durga puja is an autumn festival celebrated by Bengalis all over the world. In 1985, the residents of the Tri-State region of Southwestern Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana started jointly celebrating Durga Puja in this region. The 1985 and 1986 events were held in private homes in Kentucky and Indiana. In 1987, the event was held publicly in Dayton, where the name 'Tri-State Durga Puja' was officially adopted and in 1990, it was held for the first time in Cincinnati.

The event serves as an annual meeting place for about 1000 people bound by emotion and nostalgia for the cultural traditions of the country of origin of their forefathers, and is a testament to the continuing cooperation and friendship between them.

Onsite registration will open at 8:30 am.

Our volunteers will be at the registration desk to assist you with your registration. There will be seperate counters for participating cities. Please wait at the counter allocated for your residing city and collect the registration packet. The registration packet specially made for you will include Sharadiya magazine, your name tags, food coupon etc.

Morning puja will start at sharp 9:00 am.

The puja will be conducted by our very own Daytonian, Prof. Monish R. Chatterjee and Dr. Sabyasachi Ganguli.

Babystting is available from 10AM to 7PM Saturday only.

Room number and contact information will be provided at the registration desk.

Kid's Magic Show will be performed by Ron Remy from Remy and Friends

For more information visit his website

The Pushpanjali (Prayer and Flower offereing to Goddess Durga) will be held after the morning puja.

Although we will be conducting the Pushpanjali multiple times to accomodate everyone, we request you to be there in time for the Pushpanjali. This will help to organize other events in time.

After the puja, volunteers will share Prasad (god blessed food).

Kid's friendly food.

The puja committee will arrange special food for kids. Please mention your childrens age in the registration, so that we can properly arrange kids lunch.

First day's lunch will include vegetarian food

Following same traditon as other years, we will be serving hot Kichuri and vegetarian food in the lunch.

The afternoon cultural program

The talented young and adults of the Tri-State area aim to enthrall you by their performances

The evening snacks will be provided with tea.

You will be enjoying refreshing tea with yummy delighful snacks.

Evening adoration and worship of the Goddess

Evening puja and arati will start after the snack and afternoon cultural program. Enjoy the Arati with drum the beats.

Collective dancing synchronized with the rhythmic drum beats

Like every year we will be organizing friendly Dhunuchi Naach competition and Shank (blow the horn) competition among our participating cities. Make sure to prepare your team ahead of time.

Enjoy the finest Bengali Cuisine with your friends and family.

The dinner menu will include many Bengali dishes including everyone's favorite goat curry. If you prefer vegetarian food, please mention that in your registration.

The day will end with the Cultural Program. The artist's name will be announced soon.

Day 2 will start with morning breakfast.

Nabami and Dashami puja will be held in the morning

Nabami Pushpajali will be conducted and Prasad will shared with puja participants.

Who can blow the conch-shell longest?

Bring your best talents for Shankha competition.

Bid farewell to the Mother Goddess for this year and welcome her for next year.

Tri State Durga Puja committee general meeting.

Tri State Durga Puja committee members from different cities will meet to discuss next year's puja.

Kids Lunch will be served at this time.

Day 2 Lunch

Puja will end with second day Cultural Program. Name of the artists will be announced soon.

Tri State Durga Puja is a non-profit organization and its success depends on contribution from our community members. Like every year, this year also we are approaching you for your generous contribution. We appreciate your support immensely. Following are different donation categories.

$ 2000

  • Registration of 4 adults + 2 children
  • Two nights hotel, Full Two pages color ad, Reserved seating during evening cultural program, Reserver Parking spot.

$ 1500

  • Registration of 4 adults + 2 children
  • One night hotel, Full page color ad, Reserved seating during evening cultural program, Reserver Parking spot.

$ 1000

  • Registration of 4 adults + 2 children
  • Full page black & white ad, Reserved seating during evening cultural program, Reserver Parking spot.

$ 750

  • Registration of 2 adults + 2 children
  • half-page black & white ad

$ 550

  • Registration of 2 adults + 2 children
  • quarter-page black & white ad

$ 400

  • For family of 2 adults and children between 5 to 24
  • $350 (till Sept 1st.), $370 (Sept 1st. to 25th), $400 (Onsite)

$ 330
Couple with kids

  • For family of 2 adults and children below 5
  • $290 (till Sept 1st.), $310 (Sept 1st. to 25th), $330 (Onsite)

$ 165

  • $145 (till Sept 1st.), $155 (Sept 1st. to 25th), $165 (Onsite)

$ 85

  • $75 (till Sept 1st.), $80 (Sept 1st. to 25th), $85 (Onsite)

$ 0
Visiting Parents

  • Complementary


Shruti Shaw

Email: president@tristatedurgapuja.org

Sumitra Manna, Somtirtha Bag

Email: vp@tristatedurgapuja.org

Santanu Bag

Email: secretary@tristatedurgapuja.org

Partha Banerjee

Email: treasurer@tristatedurgapuja.org

Chairs: Monish Chatterjee, Vaskar Raychoudhury

Members: Mrittika Raychoudhury, Partha Banerjee, Shekhar Guha, Arnab Shaw

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Members: Biddut Sarkar, Chandan Sikdar, Suman Bhunia

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Chairs: Manas Bhattacharjee, Sukesh Roy, Santanu Bag, Shruti Shaw, Pinki Chowdhury

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Chairs: Pinki Chowdhury, Rita Bhattacharjee

Members: Mrittika Raychoudhury, Uttara Mazumdar, Cara Guha, Trishna Aich, Ajit Roy, Chandrani Mukherjee, Aloka Roy, Shampa Ganguli, Sumitra Manna, Tusit Raychoudhury, Shriyan Set, Ayush Bag, Shristi Bhowmik, Tishyo Raychoudhury, Rishaan Set, Vaskar Raychoudhury, Kallol Set, Minati Ghosh

Email: info@tristatedurgapuja.org

Chairs: Pinki Chowdhury, Mrittika Raychoudhury

Members: Guru Das, Monish Chatterjee, Minati Ghosh, Kabita Bhattacharya, Sudeshna Guha, Joyoti Chatterjee, Shruti Shaw, Sumitra Manna, Somtirtha Bag,Vaskar Raychoudhury, Trishna Aich

Email: cs@tristatedurgapuja.org

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Email: info@tristatedurgapuja.org

Chairs: Indira Roy, Subhra Roy

Members: Joyoti Chatterjee, Rita Bhattacharjee, Maitreyi Basuray, Monish Chatterjee, Rajan Ganguly, Chaitali Sinha, Julie Nandy, Ashima Chaudhuri, Basanti Mukerji

Email: info@tristatedurgapuja.org

Chairs: Rahul Guha, Monish Chatterjee

Members: Shantanu Manna, Arnab Shaw

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Indira Roy, Ajit Roy, Shantanu manna, Shekhar Guha, Manas Bhattacharjee, Arnab Shaw

Email: info@tristatedurgapuja.org

Shampa Ganguli

Email: info@tristatedurgapuja.org

Frequently Asked Question

For COVID-19 we will follow the CDC guidelines. To get the latest updates on COVID situation in the area please visit Montegomery County Website
Yes, we will provide separate food for kids between age 5 to 12.
We accept check and Paypal.
Yes, you need to contact us 10 days before Puja for full refund.
Yes, you can mention that in the registration form.

Venue and Hotel Info

Address: Sinclair Community College, 5800 Clyo Road, Centerville, Ohio 45459

Email: info@tristatedurgapuja.org

Hotel: Click on the button below for hotels with TSDP group rates