Time: Saturday, October 12, 7:30pm - 8:00pm (after Arati)
This competition along with the sounds of the drum beats is a highly contested event and will have the four TSDP "Pujo hosts" lined up to compete for top honors with great enthusiasm like we all witness every year. The total time for this entire event will be no more than 30 minutes with each team getting about 5 minutes for their dance. The winner will be decided by a select judge team from all the four hosts.
Time: Sunday, October 13, 11:30am - 12:00pm (before Baran)
On Sunday afternoon we will have 2-3 membered teams from each of the four TSDP "Pujo hosts" taking part in a long winded Conch or Shankha competition where only two top teams will make their regions proud!! There will be 2 teams from each TSDP hosts i.e. 8 teams in all. Each team will comprise of 2-3 team members. The object of this competition is to total up the length of time each team blows the conch. We will take an average of three stop watches per team member blowing the conch just one time. Then get the sum total time of the three members to get a team total. The top 4 totals or top 4 teams will compete again for the 1st and 2nd position in the same manner in the final round.

NOTE: All participants will have to bring their own Shankhas for the event.
Dhunuchi Naach Competition
Shankha Blowing Competition
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