Brochure Guidelines

Beyond the preparations for the festivities, the anticipation of Mother's homecoming, and the requisite shopping, for Bengalis, getting ready for Pujo has traditionally also included waiting anxiously for an assortment of Pujo-Barshikis or Puja magazines. Therefore, in the spirit of our particular affinity for literary and artistic pursuits, we invite you to send us your literary contributions to the Sharadiya Patrika, our annual Tri-State Durga Puja (TSDP) commemorative publication. Make this an outlet for your literary and artistic impulses. As always, we solicit short stories, essays, poems, travelogues, riddles, and yes, recipes for special, palate-stimulating Bangla Ranna. In addition, you are also encouraged to submit artwork. The contributions may be in Bengali or English.

At this time, we request that all submissions be received by us ON OR BEFORE August 21, 2022. Note that this date/deadline is meant as an initial target; in somecases, we may extend the deadline by a few days, as long this will not impact ourproduction. As in the past, we would like to adhere to the allowed page or word limits in each category to the extent, keeping in mind the overall page count of the Patrika. Your kind co-operation in this regard will be much appreciated, and will enable us to produce a quality literary product. As always, we strongly encourage literary or artistic submissions by Tri-State resident children of all ages. They can choose any subject matter, but contributions related to Bengal/India and our culture are especially welcome. Each submission must be accompanied by thechild’s name, city and grade (age is optional).

  • Stories and Essays: Must be limited to 1200 words, or two and a half single-spaced typed pages. As far as possible, it is best to submit a typed manuscript. For hand-written submissions, please follow the word-count as your guideline.

  • Poems: Must be limited to 600 words, or one single-spaced typed page. Again, a typed manuscript is highly preferred.

  • Artwork: Black and white sketches are preferred (scanned copies are encouraged). Scanned versions of color artwork may also be submitted for possible consideration.

  • Recipes: Each recipe must be limited to 600 words, or one single-spaced typed page.

  • Riddles/Brain Teasers/Humor: No specific guideline. However, it is preferred that these be limited to 300 words, or one-half single-spaced typed page. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Editor.

  • You may send your entry by e-mail or regular mail. For e-mail submissions, an attachment as a Word (or other standard format) document is preferred. A text embedded in the body of the e-mail message may also be acceptable. If a Bangla submission is sent as an e-mail document, please specify the font used, and if possible, make the software available. Hand-written Bangla submissions will be considered also; however, it is preferable to submit a manuscript typed in a Bangla font (Banglaword or similar- say similar to Hand-written Bangla manuscripts would need to be transcribed to the Bangla font used in the magazine; therefore, such a submission preferably should be short.

  • Please include your name, address (postal and e-mail), and telephone number on your entry.

  • Note that the initial deadline for submissions is being set at June 30th, 2022. The FINAL deadline for all submissions is August 21, 2022.

  • Please send your entries to: The Editor, Sharadiya Patrika 2022, 35 Crane Court, Springboro, Ohio 45066 Tel: (937) 610 8714.

  • Email submissions to:

    Also- for each TSDP constituent city and state, please do send us any shortremembrance bios (and photos) of individuals whom we have lost, and whoimpacted our Tri-State activities within the recent pandemic period whom we mustremember and commemorate.All submissions may be sent to either the mailing address or the email addressprovided above.